What We Do

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We provide sustainable and affordable energy

Solaris brings sustainable and scalable energy to rural households and businesses through our modular solar systems paid for through regular mobile payments, making it affordable to everyone.

Solaris provides real energy access which grows with our customers energy needs, initially providing clean lighting and phone charging, so children can continue studying after dark and the dangers of kerosene can become a thing of the past. Solaris grows to power appliances that our customers can use to start new businesses, from charging their neighbour's phones to opening a barbershop.

We are building a scalable distribution network

In order to reach our customers we are building a flexible and robust distribution network. Our network of shops build awareness and create a prominent local presence as well as providing a base for our local operations.
We currently operate in Sengerema district and Geita district.

But our biggest assest is our network of Solaris Rafikis. They provide unmatched door-to-door service, installation and usage training as well as an on-going point of contact for maintenance.

We aim to improve the lives of millions

Safe, reliable solar energy can do more than just (literally) change the way we see things. It’s been observed that as a direct result of better access to energy, children can spend more time studying after dark and therefore perform better at school, for example.

It’s no surprise that solar-powered lights effectively cut out the toxic kerosene fumes which are currently to blame for 4 million deaths a year, as well as dangerous levels of CO2 emissions. With the projected Solaris use over the next five years alone, we can avoid over 15 megatons of CO2eq emissions. We’ll regularly report back on our social and environmental impact in our news section.